Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cook's take on business in Texas

In this commentary from Harold Cook in the blog Letters From Texas, Cook argues that businesses that blindly back Republican candidates are taking a short-sighted approach to politics. The author, who is most well-known for being the former Texas Democratic state party chair, is probably trying to appeal to fellow Democrats by showing them the flaws of business friendly conservatism. He is also trying to convince local businesspeople to listen to his pleas and to consider changing the way they choose political candidates.

 Cook begins the commentary by conceding that Texas businesses have had success through their support of Republican candidates in the past. He also concedes that in recent years, businesses have been able to choose the candidate that best suited their needs and that these candidates have worked to create policies that are business friendly. Cook maintains that despite the fact that businesses built the Republican stronghold, that might be their own undoing. He sites Ted Cruz as a good example of a Republican who isn't funded by businesses, but can beat his opponent, David Dewhurst (who is), for a senate seat. Despite the fact that both Cruz and Dewhurst identify themselves as Republicans, Dewhurst is the one who currently receives more support from the business community. Cook wonders what will happen to businesses after a new breed of Republicans (like Cruz) come into power and oust the incumbents. 

Cook continues by denouncing business leaders who continue to back Republicans for cutting spending and singlehandedly funding a government that has cut education and has denied affordable healthcare to a people that need it all in the name of being business friendly. Cook's final argument is easily his best. He says that we don't have to sacrifice these things in order to create an economy in which businesses can thrive. By investing in these things, and using a more long-term approach to our problems, businesses leaders can create favorable conditions for years to come. The whole article is a giant appeal to the business community to change the way that they operate.

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