Friday, July 20, 2012

LBJ would be disappointed...

Andy Brown, the Travis County Democratic Party Chairman, submitted a commentary to the Austin American Statesman (which can be read here) on July 8th, 2012. Brown's intent is clearly to argue that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is trying to revoke laws passed during the civil rights movement in the state of Texas. Brown's intended audience is probably people who identify themselves as Democrats and as Moderates in Austin (particularly in Travis County). He hopes to explain to them that Abbott's efforts to  repeal Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act which would allow him to introduce the Texas Voter ID Law. This law would require all voters to show their photo IDs before voting, which Brown argues would disenfranchise Hispanic voters.

Brown primarily makes his point telling his audience tales of President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom he called 'a proud Texan', and by talking about how he was a champion of civil rights during his presidency. Brown hopes to appeal to his readers' sense of state pride, which is something most Texans have a great deal of. In addition, Brown mentions that the passage of this law has been referred to by Abbott as the most important issue of our times. Brown says that this is ridiculous, given Texas' economic situation and the state of its current healthcare system. By doing this, Brown makes a logical argument to sway his readers. Brown even goes so far as to say President (and former Texas governor) George W. Bush, who holds the same values as Abbott, would be disappointed in what Abbott is trying to do.

I agree with Brown because Abbott is wasting time trying to make a law passed more than four decades ago unconstitutional. That is absolutely outrageous. We really do need to be spending our resources on more important issues. Texas, which is already a predominantly red state without this law, needs to take a stand against Abbott and help ensure that he doesn't move us backwards any further.

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